Realist 2020 to be postponed

With regret and disappointment, the organising committee of Realist 2020 have decided that the conference will not go ahead as scheduled in Dublin on 24–26 March. All registered delegates have been contacted today.

Our primary concern is the health and wellbeing of those involved in the conference including delegates, HRB, Conference Partners International and Dublin Castle staff. While it is difficult to predict developments in Ireland over the coming weeks, all reliable indicators suggest that the situation will deteriorate, and we anticipate an increasing number of new cases of Covid-19. We therefore have a responsibility to avoid any action that might contribute to the worsening of the local situation or the situation in countries to which conference delegates would be returning to.

While we have made the decision not to go ahead as scheduled, we are at the very early stages of discussing alternatives. We plan to reschedule the conference for a time that we can be reasonably certain that the public health emergency has passed.  Please bear with us while we work on plans for a rescheduled conference.

Realist 2020 Organising Committee, Monday 9 March 2020